Isin Sezer

Isin Sezer


My search is closely aligned with the sciences of microphotography and biology. Fascinated by richness of the colors and shapes of moss, mushrooms, lichens, body cells, bacteria, I desire to express in my art the harmony in nature that actually whispers about the whole existence. It is the participation in the act of creation that so captures and absorbs my being during this process. My paintings are populated by organic forms that run through various canvases that complete each other. My ... view more »



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  1. Hi Isin
    Please advise on best way to contact you asap.
    I am interior designer working for a small college in Ohio.
    Myself and some of the faculty have seen and greatly admire your work.
    They are putting the finishing touches on a brand new science building and want to inquire as to size, cost, images available, etc.
    I think a perfect fit!!!!!

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