Todd Lawrence

I work with a broad spectrum of arts, from earth-scape involving patios, walkways, stairs and stone cairns to wood and metal sculpture to abstract repurposed mixed media. I enjoy a challenge in my pieces, most of my material is found and sometimes I’ll hold on to a piece of metal or wood for years before I find the other pieces and parts that help everything come together as one unique piece. I make functional and non functional art. Some examples functional art would be benches, bird baths,

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  1. I love Todd’s work!! Great creative aproach to a wide range of materials.

  2. Everything you do is something no one has ever seen before, always unique. I’m inspired by you every day dad, very happy and proud of you and where your going with your art. Love you dad!!!<3

  3. You can always find something interesting within Todd’s pieces. He is a true artist through and through. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him side by side and I’ve learned so much from him, I’m honored. Awesome job babe, and keep going! You really are exceptional! Krista

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