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Akron Soul Train Fellowships


Fellowship periods: 2 one-month  2016 fellowships

Exhibition: August to mid-September 2016

Application Deadline:  June 7, 2016

AST board will review, decide and announce winners by July 1, 2016

The Akron Soul Train Artist Village (“AST”) provides an artist with a month-long studio opportunity to work on a project of his/her choice and to interact with the public and the artist community. It is also an opportunity for an artist to exhibit the work she/he creates immediately following the residency. During the residency period, the artists teach classes or workshops in conjunction with the AST, and presents a general lecture or demonstrations about his/her own work or a related topic.

ALL ABOARD!! This is an opportunity to apply and become the FIRST fellows with AST. The first artist passengers on the very first train ride of the village. We will not be able to provide housing this year, we are currently negotiating studio space to be used by the artist, but we are offering a very unique opportunity and stipend. Consider applying and you may get your ticket punched for an amazing ride.


1. The Akron Soul Train Artist Village Fellowships are available to established, dedicated, and working artists.

2. Artists must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents over 18 years of age.

3. Artists working in most mediums will be considered. Artists working with toxic materials, hazardous machinery, etc. will not be considered due to legal limitations. Oil painting is permitted.

4. Artists must have their own, local residence at this time.  AST cannot provide housing this year.  “Local” does not have a set mileage, but should be a distance the artist can use the work space yet comfortably return home.  AST is currently negotiating studio work space options. Please state if you have a personal studio you could work from during your fellowship.

5.  Artists will be expected to create, show their work, attend events and workshops during duration of fellowship.

6. Submitting artists experienced in art instruction will be a plus – preferably with adults and children (ages 8+).  As these fellowships are for a short duration, the instructing will be at a minimum.


2016 AST offers an honorarium of $1000 per artist, which is paid at the end of the residency period.


AST will not provide housing for the 2016 residency period.


AST is negotiating to provide studio workspace, but is not guaranteed for 2016.


Please submit the following:

– Ten digital photos of works completed within the past two years. (3D artists may submit up to 20 digital photos, documenting 10 works in all.) Original digital artworks have no resolution/pixel requirements.

– The CD or digital file should be labeled with the artist’s name and contact data.


(film, video, performance, or conceptual art)

Please submit the following:

One CD or DVD with a maximum total playing time of 10 minutes. CD/DVD must contain a minimum of three segments completed within the last two years. Label the CD/DVD and case with artist name, title of work(s), date completed, medium, and full playing time.  This may also be submitted by digital file or a live link.


Please submit the following:

One CD or digital file with a maximum total playing time of 10 minutes. Label the CD and case with artist name, title of work(s), date completed  and full playing time.  This may also be submitted by digital file or a live link.


Please submit the following:

USB (preferred), digital files or hard copy up to 10 works in total of artist’s original examples of works.  All works must be labeled with the artists’ name and contact data.



Please submit the following:

1. A resume, including your complete contact information (name, mailing address, phone, email, and artistic discipline).

2. An artist statement or narrative about your work.

3. A short biography.

4. A description of proposed use of the studio time.

5. A description of proposed exhibition.

6. Proposed class and/or workshop descriptions.

7. Three references.  Please list three authorities in your field who know you and your work. Include for  each reference: name, mailing address, phone, and email.

8. A document including answers to the following supplemental questions:

– How did you hear about the residency program?

– Have you participated in other residency programs? Where/When?

9. Non-refundable fee of $20 (payable by either check, money order, or PayPal). DO NOT SEND CASH.

Make check or money order payable to:  AKRON SOUL TRAIN



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