Artists Relief Fund for Akron Artists

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Artists Relief Fund for Akron Artists




Akron Soul Train is grateful to Akron Community Foundation for a grant received from the Community Response Funds for Nonprofits.  These funds are for the explicit purpose of providing emergency relief to those affected by COVID-19.  Akron Soul Train is establishing an Akron Artists Relief Fund to issue micro-grants in the amount of $250-$500 to Akron’s most vulnerable artists in order to pay for food, utilities, medical supplies or any other basic need.

The Coronavirus has caused the cancelation of arts exhibitions, festivals and performances, impacting the economic viability of Akron’s artists.  In May, a national Artists Relief Fund experienced a flood of 50,000 applications, and out of the 11,000 artists who replied to its survey, 95% experienced lost income, 80% have no recovery plan and 66% cannot access resources to do work.  Two-thirds of the nation’s artists have become unemployed yet artists of all disciplines have been using their practices to entertain and educate through social media.

Akron Soul Train invites Akron artists to apply for funds by visiting their website at and asks that you share the information with other artists and arts organizations.  Artists from all art forms who relied on 33% or more of their income from their art practices and are experiencing financial distress are encouraged to apply.  Applications will remain open until September 20, 2020.


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