AUDITION: WCP Auditions for The Lottie & Bernice Show

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AUDITION: WCP Auditions for The Lottie & Bernice Show



Auditions for the next Wolf Creek Players show to be performed
November 16-18, 2017 4 shows (matinee on Sat. the 18th)

Sunday, August 27, 2017 6:30-7:30 pm
Monday, August 28, 2017 7:00-8:00 pm

Houston Hall
3069 Houston Road, Norton, OH 44203

Directed by: Jim Trenta
Produced by: Karen Rose
Music by: Tim Longfellow

Cast of Characters:

(Lottie and Bernice are two grumpy old Polish Ladies and HAVE BEEN CAST)-

Hal: Paranoid janitor
Sal: Know-it-all janitor
Candy: Ambitious media intern
Lloyd Block: Stations manager with a crumbling marriage, drinks too much
Virgil Mooch: Neurotic program director and fan of 70s pop music; throws up on-camera

Voice-only roles
Man Caller: Voice of the weatherman and character who calls-in to the “Buffalo Yak” show
1st Woman Caller: Mr. Block’s wife (Betty) and a character who calls in to the “Buffalo Yak” show
2nd Woman Caller: A character who calls in to the “Buffalo Yak” show and Sister Mary Brigita
EXTRA: Cymbal player (possible)

Two old grumpy Polish ladies, Lottie and Bernice, become trapped in a television studio by a blizzard and end up taking over Western New York’s favorite morning show “Buffalo Yak.” Well, they do have some help; there are the two constantly bickering janitors, Hal and Sal, who agree to handle the editorals. Candy Bickel, a wildly ambitious station intern who sees the blizzard as her break into media stardom, takes over the news desk. Neurotic program director Virgil Mooch tries to help despite the fact that being on-camera makes him throw up. Lloyd Block, the station manager, tries to hold everything together, while at the same time drowning his sorrows because of his deteriorating domestic situation. Things, of course, get much worse as the audience witnesses the funniest bad TV ever broadcast.

Scenes from the script provided for auditions. Additional questions, please contact Jim Trenta 330-808-3910 or email


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