AUDITIONS: 2017 Great Lakes Medieval Faire

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AUDITIONS: 2017 Great Lakes Medieval Faire


The second session of auditions for the 2017 Great Lakes Medieval Faire will be held Sunday, February 26th from noon to 4 pm inside the Feast Hall at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire.

For our principal cast, we need four men preferably age 30+ to play our Knights Templar:

-Richard Mallebeench, Master of the Templars in England
-Gilbert de Lacy
-Sir Roger St. Leger
-Sir William de Harcourt

We also need talented actors to portray our main villainous nobles the Earl Edmund of Lancaster and his wife Blanche of Artois, as well as their hired help; a chaotic neutral group of rogues and their leader.

This year, our principal cast is based on people that actually existed (save for the rogues. They were just added for dramatic effect). Please research the character you are auditioning for, and tailor your audition piece appropriately.

While the names of our leads are historically accurate, the age of the actor portraying them does not have to be.

In addition to these named characters we also need to fill the following roles:

2 ladies maids to Lady Blanche
2 footmen to the Earl
A Faerie princess
4+ elemental fae
A mysterious Oracle
A Wizard
A Court Jester
Four Squires to the Knights
6 to 8 Rogues
A sheriff to the village of Avaloch
The Mayor of Avaloch

As well as, of course, a diverse and wide cast of villagers.

Request an audition by emailing us at

Please direct all questions you have to as well. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the audition or rehearsal process, or about joining cast in general.

AEA contracts are not available for this performance.


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