AUDITIONS for Bent at Beck Center for the Arts (PAID)

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AUDITIONS for Bent at Beck Center for the Arts (PAID)



Beck Center in Lakewood, OH announces auditions for Martin Sherman’s BENT directed by Oberlin Professor of Theatre Matthew Wright.

Audition appointments will be taken beginning Tuesday, Dec. 26th at 2PM by calling the Beck Box Office at 216-521-2540 x10
Appointments will be taken for Saturday, January 13th beginning at 3PM ~~~ and Sunday, January 14th beginning at 6PM.

Callbacks may occur later Sun Eve. (the 14th), or Monday evening , Jan. 15th. If you sign up for the Sunday the 14th, please be prepared to stay if asked.
Mr. Wright will be employing a cast of 7 for this production {breakdown below}. It is anticipated that up to 2 AEA contracts will be available for this production (Special Appearance Tier One). All performers 18 and older receive a stipend for their participation.

Max: 30’s, fit, gay but passes straight, complex relationship to his identity, determined to survive whatever the price, fashionable, sophisticated, comes from money.
Rudy: 20’s, dancer, more flamboyant than Max, sensitive, loves Max probably far more than Max loves him.
Greta: 30’s-40’s, drag performer, acerbic, cynical, lives outside the club as straight
Horst: 20’s, activist for queer recognition/rights, intellectual, a nurse by day
Ensemble of three men: 20s-50’s, will play a number of important roles, including
· Wolf: ununiformed Nazi, denizen of the “leather” scene
· Freddie: Max’s older uncle, a closeted “poof,” fashionable and wealthy
· Nazi Captain: power-mad, abusive
· Guard: officious, dislocated from the human degradation surrounding him
· Various prisoners, Nazis, etc.

Please prepare a contemporary monologue, not longer than 90 seconds in duration. Callbacks will involve reading from the script, and it is expected that all actors will have a working familiarity with it. There will also be a movement call during callbacks.

It is essential that all actors involved in this production be precise, involved story-tellers with excellent command of their bodies. The whole ensemble of actors will be engaged in choreographed “scene-changes” and will bear witness to the action of the play throughout. Changes in character for the men in the ensemble will be accomplished minimalistically and rely on strong physical characterization.

The director very much hopes to cast the play with an eye to diversity, including consideration of non-binary individuals, people of all races and trans men.


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