Auditions for Western Reserve Playhouse's 2020 $5 Bucks Series

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Auditions for Western Reserve Playhouse's 2020 $5 Bucks Series



Western Reserve Playhouse is holding auditions for our 2020 $5 Play Reading Series:

What the Butler Saw by Joe Orton, The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa FastHorse, Hand to God by Robert Askins, The Cake by Bekah Brunsteter, The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh

When: Saturday, November, 23, 2019 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Western Reserve Playhouse 3326 Everett Rd, Richfield, OH 44286

Sign Up At:

Please prepare two 1 minute contemporary monologues, one comic, one dramatic; actors may also be asked to read from one or more of the plays being presented. Character descriptions should NOT be taken as literal guidelines for casting. They offer a very broad outline to give a rough idea of character types. Before auditioning, actors are strongly encouraged to read the play(s) they are interested in auditioning for. No equity contracts offered at this time.

Roles available for What the Butler Saw, directed by Jim Fippin, performance January 26, 2020:
Dr. Prentice (m): 40s or 50s. “A husband must be allowed to put his wife into a straight-jacket. It’s one of the few pleasures left in modern marriage.”
Geraldine Barclay (f): 20s. (answering the question “What is your shorthand speed?”) “I can manage twenty words a minute with ease, sir.”
Mrs. Prentice (f): 40s or 50s. (said of her, not by her) “You were born with your leg apart. They’ll send you to the grave in a y-shaped coffin.”
Nicholas Beckett (m): 20s. “I’d like to get out of the indecent photograph racket. It’s so wearing on the nerves.”
Dr. Rance (m): 50+. “I once put a whole family into a communal straight-jacket…It was my own family. I’ve a picture of the scene at home.”
Sergeant Match (m): “If you make any attempt to arouse me, doctor, I shall call for help.”

Roles available for The Thanksgiving Play, directed by Connie Thackaberry, performance March 15, 2020:
Logan (f): Caucasian looking, the director as well as an actor. Earnest about doing the right thing, but wants everyone to feel part of the collaboration so much that it derails the actual play.
Caden (m): Caucasian looking, the academic. Teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School System with dramatic aspirations but no clue how things work on stage.
Jaxton (m): Caucasian looking, the LA surfer actor. Politically correct to a fault, a big one. He’s that guy everyone loves, but his logical PC thinking takes weird turns.
Alicia (f): Brunette Caucasian but has looks that would have been cast as ethnic in 1950’s movies. Hot, but not bright. That actress whose every script note ends with her being allocated more lines.

Roles available for Hand to God, directed by Andrew Cruse, performance May 17, 2020:
Margery (f): recently widowed, recruited by her pastor to teach a church “puppet class” for teens.
Jason/Tyrone (m): her teen-aged son, introverted, shy. Tyrone is his puppet, libidinous, angry, dangerous.
Jessica (f): a nerdy and offbeat teen in the class
Timothy (m): a horny and expletive spouting teen, also in the class
Pastor Greg (m): middle aged, infatuated with Margery

Roles available for The Cake, directed by Shane Stahl, performance July 5, 2020:
Della (f): 40s, pleasant, round, with a mass of big, curly hair.
Tim (m): 40s, her husband, a good ol’ boy.
Jen (f): early 30s, with a wedding binder, who has dreamt of her wedding day her whole life.
Macy (f): early 30s, her reluctant fiancé, African American.

Roles available for The Pillowman: directed by Kyle Huff, performance on November 8, 2020:
Katurian (m): a writer of gruesome short stories often involving children. His disturbed imagination is the result of hearing his brother abused when they were younger.
Michal (m): Katurian’s brother, who is “slow to get things.”
Tupolski (m): a detective, the “good cop.” Cold, uncaring, detached.
Ariel (m): a brutal and violent detective who has a vendetta against anyone who commits crimes against children because of abuse in his own past.

Questions? Email the Series Coordinator Jim Fippin at


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