AUDITIONS: War of the Worlds – Radio Broadcast

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AUDITIONS: War of the Worlds – Radio Broadcast



The Hudson Players are a true community theater. Thus all our shows feature volunteer actors and stage personnel. All roles in our productions are always open to auditioners, with no restrictions. For non-musicals scripts are usually available for perusal at the Hudson Library at least two weeks prior. Those auditioning will be asked to read from the script. For musicals, auditioners are asked to have a song prepared and to bring along appropriate sheet musical for the accompanist. Musical auditioners will also be asked to read from the script and in many cases shown a brief movement exercise. Those interested in working backstage, on sets, lights, etc, are encouraged to come to auditions as well and fill out a form letting the producer know their areas of interest. All auditions are held at the Barlow Community Center on Oviatt St in Hudson, typically at 7pm on Sunday and Monday evenings.

Our audition form is available online allowing for completion prior to arrival at auditions.

War of the Worlds – Radio Broadcast
Auditions: Sept 16 & 17, 2018 – 7:00 p.m.
Performances: Oct 19 & 20

All actors (except for Sound Effects Artist and family) must be able to speak with different voices for each character. Rehearsals will be minimal; only once per week for 4 weeks except for Tech week. Characters are as follows:

Orson Welles/Professor Pierson: Male (20’s to 30’s) – Leader & director of the radio play and also plays a professor of astronomy.

Announcer/Commander Voght/Stranger: Male (any age) – Typical radio announcer. Also plays a military communications operator, military lieutenant, and a stranger highly effected by the invasion and is interviewed by Pierson at the end of the play.

Announcer One & Two/Operator One: Male or Female (any age) – Introduces other characters and acts as a sort of narrator. Also plays a military communications operator.

Announcer Three/Mr. Wilmuth/VP Harry McDonald/Gunner/Operator 2: Male (40’s to 60’s) – Radio announcer, farmer, executive, military gunner and military commmunications operator.

Reporter Carl Phillips/Observer/Operator Four: Male (20’s to 40’s) – Radio reporter who interviews Professor Pierson and also plays a military observer & communications operator.

Policeman/Captain Lansing/Secretary of the Interior/General Smith/Officer/Operators Three & Five: Male (50’s to 70’s) – Policeman, military captain, politician, military general, artillery office, and military communications operator.

Sound Effects Artist (Male or Female, any age): able to create sound effects throughout the play. Non-speaking role.

Family of 3-4: Need a small group to play a Mom, Dad and their children (1-2 teens or preteens) as a family around a radio listening to the original 1938 broadcast of the show and being drawn in thinking that aliens are invading the earth. Think a family like the ‘The Waltons’. Non-speaking roles but need to be very expressive.

All Hudson Players auditions are open auditions with all roles available. No experience is necessary. For non-musicals please be prepared to read from the script. For musicals please bring sheet music for the accompanist and prepare at least a 16 bar audition song. Musical auditions will also normally include a movement exercise and reading from the script. Please email with any questions.


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