Biomimetic Design Class: Studio Elective, Fall 2016

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Biomimetic Design Class: Studio Elective, Fall 2016


The course Biomimetic Design combines an introduction into biomimicry/biomimetics with a studio design exercise. Biomimetics is the strategy of abstracting and translating good design from nature to other fields like engineering, architecture or the arts for creating innovative solutions. The different phases, introduction, research, abstraction and design application are carried out at both Myers school of arts and the department of biology with continuous feedback and expert advise. The course outcome is a design project presentation including drawings, analog and digital models. Activities included in the course are lectures, video presentations, guest lectures, field trips, basic scientific research activities, studio work, reviews and presentations. The course is open to students from arts and biology, encouraging interdisciplinary group work.

Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:10-11:50 a.m.
3 Credit Hours
Course Number: 7100:489 / 7100:589 / 3100:695

For further information, contact

***valid as advanced graphic design requirement or a studio elective requirement***


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