Cain Park House Manager

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Cain Park House Manager



Responsible for coordinating and scheduling volunteer corps.

Examples of Duties 

Directly responsible to the Operations Manager and then to the General Manager.
Responsible for training volunteer ushers, ticket takers and volunteer security people in the proper procedures, and familiarizing them with the theaters.
Responsible to supervise the volunteers.          
Responsible for advanced scheduling of volunteers and for assuring that there are enough volunteers — ushers, ticket takers and/or security for any given event in both the Evans Amphitheater and the Alma Theater.
Responsible for overall coordination of volunteers= initial training session.
Responsible for proper record keeping of volunteer hours served and complimentary ticket credits earned.
Responsible for general supervision of ushers and patrons at Cain Park, including helping to maintain crowd control and avoid abusive noise levels.
Responsible for enforcing the rules of Cain Park — including but not limited to those that say that parents will be asked to leave if their children do not have tickets or are disruptive; no alcohol can be carried into the Park; no smoking within the Park compound; no cameras, videotapes or tape recorders permitted, etc.
Responsible to assist and help supervise groups and parties, etc.  These may take place before and/or after performances, and the House Manager is required to be present prior to their beginning and until they end.
Responsible to coordinate proper distribution of programs including appropriate Astuffing.@
Responsible to be on-site for all events, or to insure that they are appropriately covered by a substitute House Manager who is aware of all of the requirements of the position.
Required to attend any meetings as required by the Cain Park Public Relations office, the Operations Manager and/or the General Manager.
Responsible to train volunteers to know that they are never permitted to be backstage for any performance.  Likewise, volunteers assigned to guard the backstage gate need to ensure that no one is allowed backstage without proper identification and/or the permission from Production Managers, General Manager, and/or Operations Manager.
Maintain high safety levels at all times for Park patrons, volunteers and employees.
Responsible to maintain a professional atmosphere among staff and volunteers.
Responsible for creating and distributing a volunteer handbook explaining the policies of the Park and the City.
Responsible for understanding the Cain Park Emergency Procedures plan and its impact upon patrons, volunteers and staff.

Typical Qualifications 

High school diploma or GED equivalent, some college or experience in a related field a plus.
Ability to build and maintain relationships and work well with others as part of a team.
Organizational skills
Mature and self motivated
Proficient with MS Office
Maintain large volume of schedule
Superior written and verbal communications skills, including public speaking skills.
Ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines.



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