Calling Skit and Scene Writers for Inspirational “Miracles, Magic and Makeovers” Performance Project

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Calling Skit and Scene Writers for Inspirational “Miracles, Magic and Makeovers” Performance Project


Wake Up and Live’s Actors’ Studio (WUAL) is conducting its “Miracles, Magic and Makeovers” project and inviting skit, scene, playwrights and creative writers to submit 12 – 15-minute inspirational scenarios to be performed on Cleveland area stages and on “Wake Up and Live With the Arts.”

Cuyahoga Arts and Culture has awarded WUAL a grant for our “Miracles, Magic and Makeovers to Live Your Personal and Career Life on a Higher Level” project. The grant will enable WUAL to perform original scenes and skits in live stage events and on “Wake Up And Live With the Arts.”

Stories the actors tell will portray Universal principles, such as visualization, meditation and affirmations individuals can practice to change their minds and behaviors to eliminate limiting beliefs and self-sabotage and create transformational life changes.

“Miracles, Magic and Makeovers” Skit and Scene Submissions should:

Address the Concept: Turn Your Life and Career into One of Joy, Health, Wealth and Happiness!

What story are you telling?
. Describe some CHALLENGES the character/s have overcome, and/or are currently experiencing
. How the character(s) keeps working on addressing them
. How & why the character wants to make changes
. Examples of topics which reflect Conflict
. Financial Independence
. Healthy, Happy Relationships (Getting Rid of Toxic People and Situations)
. Manifesting Life and Career Dreams
. Living Your Best Life. “Miracles, Magic and Makeovers:” The Law of Attraction
. Abuse (Domestic, Addictions, Employment, Elder, Etc.)

• Scenes and skits should have only 1 – 3 characters.
• Be suitable to be performed on stage and/or on the “Wake Up And Live With the Arts” YouTube show.
• Be inspirational and uplifting. Offer hope.
• Offer a non-traditional, thought-provoking approach to answers and problem-solving strategies to address life changes.
• Be typed in current, standard play writing format. (Margins, Font, Title page, Cast of characters, Character descriptions, Setting, Page numbers, etc.)

IF Selected:
1. 12 – 15 minute Scenes & Skits will be performed on stage and on “Wake Up And Live With the Arts”
2. Writer’s Stipend, plus percentage share (TBD) in net proceeds from live performances.

(Writers may submit more than one scenario for consideration.)

Submission Deadline: Friday, May 8, 2020.
Submissions and Questions:



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