Casting Call: A Youth Hero; Green/ Canton Area

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Casting Call: A Youth Hero; Green/ Canton Area




Story Tagline: A teenage male who saves his neighborhood from evil, But he doesn’t realize he is a superhuman. Brings his friend to Christ.

Movie Genre: Action/Drama/Thriller –Based on true event

Shooting Locations:  Boettler/SouthGate (walking Path wooded area 1) Park, Price Park,  a house TBD,  Wooded area 2 TBA, Bedrooms

Set Shooting Dates: 2016,2017

Spring/summer 2016 – Scene 1 Only

Summer/Fall 2016 –  20hrs Outside Scene Main focus  Inside If Time (July 15-18– No Filming Together 2016 DC)

Spring/ Summer 2017 and beyond if need Inside Scenes

Fall Winter: Will contact actor or the parents if have time to film. School comes first unless day off.  (PLEASE NOTE: GRADE MUST BE KEPT ABOVE 2.5 GPA WITHOUT GETTING PENLIZIED FOR POOR GRADES.)

Note to sports player will work with your schedule if can be in but only can shoot 10hrs or less a summer. All make up or free time/ nice weather outside of these season that are listed actor or parent is more than willing to contact and see if there anything to film,  if weather permits

Cast and Crew:

Derek Harrison – Director – Screenplay Writer – Story – Casting – Cameraman – Editor

Casting For ALL PARTS

These are paid acting jobs and the I’m  trying to cast the characters similar to the real life event.

Brothers Mack Seymour 6 or 8th grader tall skinny fit blonde hair male knows bible. Danny Seymour younger brother of Mack plays flag football, Buzz cut somewhat in shape, funny.

Jack Tyler 6 going into 7th grade boy Brown hair medium length. About 4’8 to 5ft tall. White with some what of,a tan. In boy scouts and causes trouble. But,wants to change.

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