Crafty Canvas: Creative Entrepreneurs Wanted!

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Crafty Canvas: Creative Entrepreneurs Wanted!


Artists, crafters, makers, food entrepreneurs, fine artists, graphic designers, musicians, photographers, any creative entrepreneurs: catapult yourself into a successful business selling your creations! It’s time to transform your great ideas into an amazing business.

Attend Crafty Mart’s two-part Crafty Canvas series led by LaunchNET Venture Advisor at Kent State University, Tabitha Martin and Entrepreneur in Residence at Mount Union College, John Myers. Attendees of both events will be considered for Creative Catapult, an event where participants will gain exposure and a chance to win a $1500 microgrant for their business.

The first session will be held September 10th, for a fee of $25. Creative entrepreneurs will learn how to formulate a sensible business plan. Whether you crochet warm blankets, make earth’s metals yield to your smithing skills, capture beauty through a lens, or brand cute collectibles with your searing wit, you will walk away with a goal oriented process meant to bring your dreams to fruition and turn your creative talents into a lucrative venture.

The second session, on October 1st, will cost $10. Participation in the first class is required for entry. This time you will create an informative and exciting, but concise business pitch. Starting a successful business means knowing how to attract potential investors. So, don’t be shy because you get to practice your new pitch and make a video recording for evaluation. John and Tabitha will choose 8-10 finalists for Creative Catapult.

Creative Catapult will take place on October 6th at the Bit Factory, one of Akron’s startup accelerators. If you are chosen as a Creative Catapult finalist, your video will be shown, along with the other finalists, and the crowd in attendance will vote for their favorite pitch. The winner will be launched into a new business with a $1500 microgrant to help make it soar!

Remember: if you would like to be considered as a finalist for Creative Catapult, participation in both sessions is required. However, even if you only attend the first session, you will leave knowing that you have an actionable business plan. But, if you’re planning on attending both and have your eye set on winning the microgrant, then be sure to invite everyone you know to Creative Catapult on October 6th. Tickets can be purchased on Kickstarter.

Crafty Canvas is not limited to handmakers! Crafty Mart is inviting all creative types, any creative entrepreneurs who create marketable products. Even if you already own a business and would like to give it that needed “shot in the arm” then Crafty Mart welcomes you.

Both sessions will be held at the Microbusiness Center inside the Akron Public Library.

Purchase tickets for Session #1 here and Session #2 here!


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