Glass Blowing Workshops

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Glass Blowing Workshops



Take a glass blowing class with teacher extraordinaire Bob Pozarski at the Peninsula Art Academy!!

As a beginner, you will learn how to make a colorful paperweight, a vase or even a tumbler. Each beginner gets to make two projects during the 5-hour long workshop. Beginner and advanced students can also make single- or multi-colored orbs.

Beginning Glass Blowing

Beginners will start by making a paperweight. You will learn how to dip the molten glass, get the colored glass, and shape into a symmetrical shape. The shape can be altered if desired.

On a second turn, the same day, the student will blow the molten glass into a bubble, then shape it into a cup or bud vase.

Although the work is challenging, and requires some coordination, Bob will carefully walk you through it.
Please wear cotton layers, we start out cool, but
get hot quickly. Bring drinking water. We have glasses to wear, or bring your own.

Saturday, Dec 23, 1 opening – 11-4pm
Saturday, Jan 20, 3 openings – 11-4pm
Sunday, Jan 28, 4 openings – 12-5pm
Sunday, Feb 4, 4 openings – 12-5pm
Saturday, Feb 10, 4 openings, 11-4pm
Sunday, Feb 25, 4 openings, 12-5pm
*Note: All other beginner classes in December to February are full.

Cost:$130 ($117/PAA member) 5-hour workshop
Class size: Min and Max 4 students.
Do not wear sandals! All materials included in the cost.

Advanced Glass Blowing

After a few beginning classes, the advanced students work on bigger projects, or more difficult shapes. Teamwork is required for the more challenging color techniques, and larger shapes. We may make orbs and bowls, pull cane, or do overlays.

Students come with ideas, sketch them, and we will attempt to make it happen. Difficult projects may hit the floor … there’s no crying in glass blowing!!!

Advanced students often search out colored glass supplies as part of the process to be learned, and buy some of their own colors. We use glass compatible with a 96 coefficient of expansion (COE).

Sunday, Dec 17, 1 opening – 12-5pm
Saturday, Dec 30, 2 openings – 11-4pm
Sunday, Jan 7, 1 opening, 12-5pm
Saturday, Jan 13, 4 openings, 11-4pm
Sunday, Feb 11, 4 openings, 12-5pm
Saturday, Feb 24, 4 openings, 11-4pm
*Note: All other advanced classes in December to February are full.

Cost: $130 ($117/PAA member) 5-hour workshop
Class size: Min and Max 4 students.
Do not wear sandals! All materials included in the cost.

To sign up for a class

Please call the Peninsula Art Academy at 330-657-2248, Wednesday to Sunday, 11-5pm.
You can also contact the instructor at


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