Pottery, ceramics, and hand-made jewelry instructor(s) needed!

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Pottery, ceramics, and hand-made jewelry instructor(s) needed!




$1,500 PAID Stipend opportunity for one or more artist(s)

We are looking for pottery, ceramics, and hand-made jewelry art instructors to hold virtual and/or host in-person workshop sessions at their location. Instructional sessions will include a minimum of 10 youth and/or young adults (ages 12 to 25 years old). The workshop series must be held between Sept 13 and Nov 30, 2021.

iN Education will partner with the select instructor on student enrollment and digital marketing efforts. Priority will be given to minority, indigenous, LGBTQIA+, refugees, and immigrant students. Workshop participants will present their final pieces during a mini-exhibit. Instructor(s) will be invited to a virtual community forum to speak on their art form.

For more details or additional questions, contact iN Education via denixon@ineducationonline.org . Please be ready to present your workshop details/plan.


  1. Each artist must submit a complete workshop plan, i.e. workshop hours, outcomes of the workshop, total budget, requirements, etc. 
  2. Workshop budget must account for supplies for 10 participants. Artist(s) will submit invoice/receipt that shows the cost of supplies.
  3. If selected, the artist will be ready to host the workshop series between Sept 13 and Nov 30, 2021.
  4. Artist stipend will be paid after each completed session.
  5. Artist(s) will be assisting with the workshop enrollment process and marketing (if applicable). 
  6. If artist(s) choose to, there can be additional at cost seats available for the workshop participants. iN Education will cover the cost of supplies for the first ten participants that meet the target population description. 


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