Request for Proposals: Stan Hywet's Winds of Change Installation

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Request for Proposals: Stan Hywet's Winds of Change Installation


Our organization is seeking women artists to create three unique sculptures for a Winds of Change garden exhibit. Each sculpture will incorporate a “wind catcher” or kinetic component which utilizes wind or motion as a core element of the design. The exhibit will open June 1, 2020 and be a signature feature of Stan Hywet Hall & Garden’s 2020 season. We invite you to submit your qualifications to us by February 15, 2020 for consideration. A description of our organization, the services needed and other pertinent information follows: 

Background of Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens 

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, Inc. (Stan Hywet) is an Ohio 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the former estate of the Frank A. Seiberling family. Stan Hywet conducts operations providing estate tours, retail merchandise and food concessions for sale, rentals for events, and special events to the public. Stan Hywet has approximately 3,300 members and hosts over 135,000 guests annually. 

Its affiliate, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens Foundation (the Foundation) is an Ohio not-for-profit corporation operating to support Stan Hywet. The Foundation exists to raise resources to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization and its endowment. 

Stan Hywet is an acredited museum through the American Association of Museums (AAM) and recently renewed in 2011. The organization’s consolidated budget totals approximately $5 million annually. 

In 2020, Stan Hywet will focus on a complete season theme, “Winds of Change.” America in the aftermath of World War I was defined by expansive social change that influenced the very essence of work, play, politics and culture. The Seiberling family of Stan Hywet, like many Americans, experienced and reacted to the changes happening around them – women’s suffrage, prohibition, an influx of immigrants, rapidly changing technology, a volatile presidential election and evolving fashion and music in a decade fraught with both excess and reform. In a surprisingly familiar reflection of life then and now, the Manor House will display an exhibit that addresses the changes experienced by Akronites in the 1920s and how many of those same issues continue to impact the city today. 

Project Facts: 

1. The “Winds of Change” garden exhibit will include approximately 15 sculptured pieces by selected artists to be installed throughout the estate in designated areas determined by Stan Hywet incorporating a “wind catcher” theme to attract guests. Sculptures will use wind to create movement (kinetic, however without sound). 

2. The sculpture pieces will range in size but be no shorter than 6 feet from the ground. 

3. Artists submit qualifications by February 15, 2020 for consideration of three (3) unique pieces for inclusion in the “Winds of Change” garden exhibit. 

4. Artists will be notified of acceptance by February 28, 2020. 

5. Once accepted as a participating artist, designs for Artist’s three (3) exhibit sculptures and proposed materials list need to be completed and submitted to Stan Hywet by March 15, 2020. 

6. SHHG will provide $4,000 in compensation and additional reimbursement for the costs of materials for the three sculptures. $4,000 will be payable upon completion and installation of all three sculptures. Acceptance of this payment constitutes transfer of ownership from Artist to SHHG. Costs for materials will be paid or reimbursed upon submission of vendor invoice or reimbursement requests with provided receipts and/or documentation. 

7. Construction shall be completed not later than May 10, 2020 to allow for installation leading up to the Member / Media Preview event on May 31, 2020 and public opening of the exhibit June 1, 2020. Sculptures will be on display through October 4, 2020. 

8. SHHG agrees to include Artist’s name as preferred by Artist in all collateral and marketing of the Exhibit. 

9. Sculptures will be listed for sale to the public on agreed upon price between both parties. Proceeds of the sculptures sold will go to the Artist less a 10% share to SHHG. 

10. Stan Hywet horticulture and facilities staff will provide assistance with installation of the sculptures. 

Services to Be Performed 

Artist submission is expected to cover the following services: 

1. Working with Stan Hywet staff, design three (3) sculptured pieces as part of the garden exhibit that will attract guests of all ages maximizing the space available. Garden exhibit will be on display June 1 through October 4, 2020. 

2. Make recommendations for equipment and materials needed for the exhibit pieces. 

3. Assist Stan Hywet staff with installation process scheduled in May 2020, and de-installation scheduled in October 2020. 

Key Personnel 

Following are key contacts for information you may seek in preparing your proposal: 

Sean M. Joyce President & Executive Director (330) 315-3211 

Joe Ott Lead Facilities Technician (330) 315-3214 

Requests for additional information and to schedule visits to Stan Hywet’s site should be coordinated through Joe Ott. He may be reached at the contact information listed above. Please return the completed proposal to: 

Attention: Sean Joyce, President and Executive Director Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens 714 North Portage Path Akron, OH 44303 

Or via email at 

Required Information in the Proposal 

In responding to this request, we request the following information: 

1. Detail your experience in providing design and art piece construction to similar public exhibits of comparable size to this project. 

2. Provide a list and detailed description of similar projects including photos, project cost compared to budget and size. 

3. Describe the process you will utilize throughout the project to completion including interaction with Stan Hywet staff. 

4. Describe how you will utilize third parties or subcontractors, if applicable, and the communication process used to discuss issues with the management. 

5. Describe how and why you are different from other artists being considered, and why the selection of you is the best decision Stan Hywet could make. 

6. Provide the names and contact information for clients with similar projects for reference purposes. 

Evaluation of Proposals 

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens will evaluate proposals on a qualitative basis. This includes review of the submitted materials, possible interviews, results of discussions with other clients, and the completeness and timeliness in its response to us. 


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