SEEKING TEEN (high school) and YOUNG ADULT (college age) ACTORS for show about Gun Violence

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SEEKING TEEN (high school) and YOUNG ADULT (college age) ACTORS for show about Gun Violence




Wandering Aesthetics is still seeking teens for our production of “Bang Bang You’re Dead”– a 45-minute show that addresses school shootings.

This production will tour to local schools, churches and community organizations throughout the 2018 – 2019 school year. The show is operating on a “swing” system to rotate roles– so students don’t miss too much school.

This show addresses gun violence, but it is not a show about gun control. Rather, it explores the events leading up to a shooting and the psychology of a the shooter.

Though it’s centered around a white male shooter, this issue affects people from ALL walks of life and backgrounds.

And we want to try and make sure that is represented on our stage. Which means that we, in particular, are looking for young folks:

– Of color
– That speak English as a second language 
– That have a disability

No acting experience necessary. We’re looking for someone who can commit and who likes to work hard.

Rehearsals will take place in Akron. Though Wandering Aesthetics cannot provide transportation, we will work with cast members to try and help arrange rides (within Summit County).

This should be considered a volunteer role. Since we cannot sell tickets (part of the agreement to do the show), we cannot guarantee anything. 

However, Wandering Aesthetics is doing this as a labor of love. Our whole administrative team is doing this for free and Wandering Aesthetics will eat almost all associated costs. (We have to pay a small fee for our first performance space.) 

Any donations we receive for any of the performance of the show will be split among all the young folks who are working on the show.

If you’re interested, please email with the subject line “Bang Bang” actor.



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