Technical Crew Wanted for Valley Tribe Dance Event (Friday, Aug. 12)

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Technical Crew Wanted for Valley Tribe Dance Event (Friday, Aug. 12)



Here’s the short skinny: we are producing a wicked,  dance event on Friday night from 8pm-12 midnight on Akron-Peninsula Road.  As this is my first time producing in Akron, I am exploring all options for technical and crew needs before I decide what I am going to use (some things already in place).  Should be a small-ish party, perhaps no more than 50 people.  However, the event is designed to be a pre-cursor for more great things to come.  It will be outdoor and there is a slight chance of rain, so considerations will be taken to make sure all technical equipment is protected from rain.   Here’s what I need:

  1.  Technical: Sound System – two 15″ speakers; sub-woofer; 2 or 3 channel mixer/fader; mic. (For such a small event I might not even need a sound board engineer).  A bigger system would be great; I am open to discussion.
  2.  Technical: Lighting – 6-10 simple can lights with colored filters to project into trees; as many string/Christmas lights as possible to illuminate trees; 1-2 powerful with spotlights or colored cans for DJ stand; maybe a small strobe or laser light.
  3. Decor: Won’t be doing much this time around; some tapestries to hang from trees, maybe behind the DJ stand is fine; **flooring or carpets upon which people could stretch and dance on the ground would be great.
  4. Facility: a pop-up tent that can protect the DJ stand and sound gear;
  5. Crew: 1 security guard; 1 cashier; 1 building monitor; 2 support crew.

This will be an alcohol-free event of a group of cool people, so anyone who participates should have a good time.  I would prefer for this small event to have gear and crew time donated but am willing to discuss compensation based on the value of what you bring to the party.

Most of all, I would like to build a rapport with a crew who I can work with on much bigger events over Labor Day weekend,  Halloween and beyond.   To learn more about the concepts about the events we produce, click here.



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