The EXL Center: Fall 2016 UNCLASSES

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The EXL Center: Fall 2016  UNCLASSES



Experiential learning classes with community-engagement

Consequences of Caring
This course invites students from all disciplines to join in a study of the impact of UA students’ care-giving responsibilities on their attendance, resources, and ability to succeed at in college. This course will involve designing and conducting research, analyzing data and sharing findings.
Course number: 7400:485-004 or 7400:4850-004
Faculty of record: Pamela Schulze, Family and Consumer Sciences

Reinventing Place: Place-making and the University-City Interface
This course invites students from all disciplines to join in an exploration of the boundaries between UA and the city of Akron in an effort to identify and understand sources of separation/isolation and opportunities for greater integration/synergy. Students will work with community partners as a part of this class.
Course numbers: 3100:495-003/3100:695-003 or 7100:489-003/589-003 Faculty of record: Peter Niewiarowski, Biology and Matthew Kolodiej, Art

Skills for Community Engagement
People often feel they have to “go it alone.” This class focuses on skills to empower individuals to act productively within their communities by becoming more centered and self-aware through mindfulness, better at connecting with others through active listening skills, and more adept at advocating for change. Students will engage with community partners to explore the application of these skills.
Course numbers: 3850:365-001 or 3750:480
Faculty of record: Jodi Henderson-Ross, Sociology and Charlie Waehler, Psychology

You can sign up for one of these classes either under the ST (Special Topics) numbers, you may need to contact the professor for permission. You can also take the class by signing up for an independent study (IS) in your own or another department (see specific department for IS guidelines), or for Honor Project credit (with the approval from your Honors advisor).

Contact Carolyn Behrman at the EXL Center ( or the faculty members above to learn more, or for assistance in getting involved.


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