The Kresge Foundation Local Systems Grants

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The Kresge Foundation Local Systems Grants



We fund projects that test the integration of arts and culture within municipal systems and other non-arts disciplines.

By supporting and documenting cross-sector approaches, we expect to cross silos and gain a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted nature of Creative Placemaking, including the systems at play, the barriers to adoption, and the diversity of creative interventions that can be widely employed.

We support cross-sector/cross-disciplinary projects that embed arts and culture into local systems such as, but not limited to, municipal departments, community financial networks such as community development financial institutions, community banks, credit unions, comprehensive planning efforts, human services networks and regional food hubs.

Applicants may be, for example, anchor institutions in any sector that has a stake in and are located in a low-income, disinvested community. Such organizations often have a longstanding presence, are large or small employers, and operate or are located in a facility through either a long-term lease or direct ownership. These might include arts and cultural institutions of all disciplines and sizes, colleges and universities (four-year, community and minority-serving institutions), libraries, health clinics and human services agencies.

Applicants may also be nonprofit community partners serving as catalysts, intermediaries and/or funders of community-based revitalization, such as community development corporations, community foundations, financing agents such as credit unions and community development financial institutions and neighborhood associations.

Nonprofit artist collaboratives and government entities are potential applicants too.

To apply or review an existing application, visit The Kresge Foundation Fluxx portal.

First-time visitors will be required to create an account. In addition, Fluxx is configured to work optimally in Google Chrome browser, which should be installed before you access the portal.

Instructions for creating an account and for installing the Google Chrome browser are available in “Fluxx Portal Instructions and Helpful Tips” found in the Library section of this website. That document also is available once you enter the portal for easy reference.

Below are eligibility requirements for Arts & Culture Program grant opportunities. In certain situations, criteria are added for specific grant opportunities.

Who is eligible?

  • U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations with audited financial statements that are not classified as private foundations. Audits must be independently prepared following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or
  • Government Auditing Standards. Financial statements prepared on a cash, modified cash, compilation or review basis do not qualify.
  • Government entities in the United States.

Who is ineligible?

  • Individuals.
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status.
  • Organizations that require membership in certain religions or advance a particular religious faith. (Faith-based organizations may be eligible if they welcome and serve all members of the community regardless of religious belief.)
  • Programs operated to benefit for-profit organizations.

We welcome proposals from organizations that:

Embed arts and culture in larger community revitalization initiatives.
Engage in cross-disciplinary, cross-sector activities.
Exhibit strong leadership.
Include artists and arts organizations.
Extend benefits to all stakeholders, especially low-income community members.
Demonstrate commitment to sustained engagement and empowerment of low-income residents.
Work to ensure current residents can remain in their community even where revitalization changes neighborhood economics.
Honor community distinctiveness.
We accept and review these proposals on an ongoing basis. There is no deadline.


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