Dana Giel-Ray

Dana Giel-Ray


Website: http://www.bellabor.com/Bellabor/Welcome.html

   178 1/2 N. Main St, Hudson, OH, 44236

Bellabor Art Jewelry is an artists’ studio and gallery located on Main Street in Hudson. Being a working studio, you are welcome to stop by and chat, and see the piece I am currently working on.

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted, and a-one-of-a-kind artwork to wear. I am currently working in the technique of Maille, or Chain Mail, where individual rings are woven together to form a mesh or chain. Each piece begins from many feet of wire, which is wrapped around steel rods of different sizes to form long coils. The coils are then sawed apart into rings. Sterling silver is the metal I prefer to work in, but I do use other metals as well. Armed with two pairs of pliers, and a design in mind, I begin weaving the rings into a work of art.

You might know the word chain mail from suits of armor worn by knights in battle. I am using the same process that made those suits of armor, but my designs are made for the modern woman looking for some individuality. My designs can range from the simple to the complex, and commissions are always welcome.