Courtney Cable

Courtney Cable

   Avant Garden, 526 S. Main St., Suite 503A, Akron, OH, 44311

Courtney T. Cable is an artist and a cultural producer. She has explored and worked in multiple mediums and enjoys their cross pollination. Singing and songwriting, arts and cultural organizing, curating, jewelry making, stone cutting, and documentary photography are among her muses.

As a jewelry artist, Courtney creates spiritually functional pieces that communicate on an emotional level. She is drawn to create positive, inspirational, and motivational pieces to provoke inner thought, contemplation, and action. Words and quotes can make a piece personal and more powerful, especially when purposefully hidden. 

Natural elements and the raw visual appeal of metals are what draw her to the medium. For such a rigid material, it has the capability of being malleable and is an effective expressive vehicle for her creative visions. She feeds on the precision, skill, and problem solving required to execute ideas and seeks to achieve high-quality finished pieces. It is through the exploration of metal that she has found an effective voice to express her philosophies, values, and dreams.

The jewelry, songs, and other creations on this page are designed, handcrafted, and composed solely by Courtney T. Cable. Together, as a grouping, they represent her journey into and through art, with metalsmithing being her more recent endeavor.

In her journey, she wills to inspire.