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Roger Riddle


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   102 S Portage Path, Akron, OH, 44303

I am very fortunate that my life long love of music and technology has provided opportunities for me to play a role in community building here in Akron. Bringing people together through music, entertainment, food, and open discussion, in appreciation of the city has been gratifying and rewarding.

Finding people who are passionate about where they live – then getting to know the subcultures of these passionate people – has led to spotlighting events and activities that are going on throughout the city. These specialized groups can be sports fans, theater lovers, music lovers, science fiction geeks, educators, or every other group imaginable who goes out and enjoys themselves. They drive the businesses of our cities. When they are out enjoying themselves, we view our towns and neighborhoods as prosperous and growing.

This view of Akron drives my work, whether creating podcasts like Akro-Preneurs, DJing, or creating unique videos for web placement for Akron based businesses.