Julianne Nipple

Julianne Nipple

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Julianne Nipple, is an abstract artist and Kent State University Alumni. As an abstract artist she creates visual pieces of art using various forms of paper, canvas, and other materials around her to incorporate into her artwork. The materials used for this particular piece of art were sumi ink, oil pastel, gold leaf, spray paint, and paper. Technical influences for this piece include artist Jackson Pollock and  Jack McWhorter. The paper medium here becomes an arena for the mind, allowing the subconscious psyche of the artist to create and release raw emotion of the human experience. The image and title is intended to relate to, and spark emotion for the viewer, as well as to bring awareness to particular subject matter. This art piece, called “When the Grim Reaper Stole You from Me”, is symbolic of an extremely raw human emotion.  It is a vulnerable piece about the death of a loved one and the effects and process of grief. This artwork is dedicated to a best friend and artist that was lost this year.

To the viewer that relates to this artwork in any aspect, Julianne Nipple hopes that it will aid in the healing process involved in loss, and offers that, “Sometimes in the death of a loved one, when the darkness surrounds us, it is possible for us to receive beautiful gifts of hope, on this journey of life”.

As quoted from a dear friend, and echoed by many other successful people:

“Losing it all. Gaining Everything.”