Linda Lyell

Linda Lyell

Artist for Hire - Commissions - Illustration - Painting - Visual Arts - Works on paper - chalk pastels


   120 Hidden Lake Lane, Peninsula, OH

Art is the core of my being.
Since childhood, I have been blessed to live a creative life through my career and in my home.
Working in pastels is applying pure pigment and color on paper to capture a moment in time.
The strokes and the markings quickly give me the power to feed energy and expression in my work.
Pastels force me to be bold and interpretive.

I get my inspiration from nature as it is ever-changing. The flower or landscape you see today will take on a different definition tomorrow. I want to capture that moment.
There is a delicacy to working in pastels – like the sand on a beach, the dust of the pastels can easily be blown away. That is why I frame my pieces immediately upon completion.

I embrace the fragility of the medium.
​Just like life, we must capture the moment.
​My inspiration comes from those moments and my interpretation tickles the senses with color and stroke.