April DeBord

April DeBord


Website: https://www.youtube.com/AprylRED

   1162 Kohler Ave, Akron, OH, 44314

RED dances with fire poi, fire fans or palm candles and for places where fire is not approved, flag dancing, Asian dance fans, and LED poi are used.

Since 2004, RED has been enchanting audiences with her fire/flag dancing. Although, she has taken many different styles of dance classes throughout her life, she is mostly self-taught with fire poi. She incorporates this blend of dance when she dances with her fire fans.

In 2008, she had the honor of being one of 22 people chosen from all over the world to appear in the Circles of Light 2008 – Spinning and twirling from around the world http://www.homeofpoi.com/articles/col2008.php
On October, 19th, 2013, she was involved in the Guinness World Records stunt “The most people performing simultaneous full body burns (21)” as an igniter and safety.

April DeBord has been a photographer for over a decade.  She received her BFA degree in Photography in 2006 from The UA.  She also does photo retouching and photo restoration.




Last but not least, she loves to paint with oils.  April took several classes while at The University of Akron and has been painting ever since.