LuminoCity Light-Up Parade Seeking Community Entri...

LuminoCity Light-Up Parade Seeking Community Entri...

Posted by Twinsburg Parks & Recreation

Posted: Oct, 12, 2015

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Families, neighborhoods, groups, and businesses are invited to spread holiday cheer in a whole new way at LuminoCity, the community’s holiday lighting celebration, on Saturday, December 7th. Louie, the event’s head illuminating elf, has expanded the event to include a new light-up parade as part of the march down Ravenna Road to Township Square.

“For the first time, we’re inviting the community to be a major part of the event by creating their very own floats,” explained Derek Schroeder, Twinsburg Parks & Recreation Director. “Floats can be any type of vehicle or unit as long as it is lighted and holiday themed. Entries aren’t limited to your traditional trailer. It can be a car covered in holidays lights, a truck with decorations in the flatbed, or even a standard bicycle illuminated in a creative way! Other eligible entries include wagons or strollers, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, or anything else you can dream up.”

The parade will start at 6:30 PM on December 7th and begin lining up at approximately 4:30 PM in the Twinsburg City Hall parking lot. Participants are welcome to assemble their float on site beginning at 8:00 AM if needed.

Registration is required for entry into the light-up parade. Non-profit groups, individuals, and families are $25. For profit groups and businesses are $50. Applications are due by November 26th. Registration can be completed online at or in person at Twinsburg Community Center from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Spots will be filled first come, first serve with a limited amount of availability.

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Conditions and restrictions are listed on the application. Important items of note include no candy or items thrown from floats, no sales from floats, and no Santa. All conditions were put in place to enhance safety since the parade will be at night and avoid the confusion of Santa impersonators.


For more information, contact Twinsburg Parks & Recreation at 330-963-8722 or visit