Mural Artists - Request for Qualifications

Mural Artists - Request for Qualifications

Posted by Summit Metro Parks

Posted: Mar, 17, 2016

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 Akron, OH, Unknown

Summit Metro Parks (SMP) is accepting statements of qualification and work examples
from mural artists capable of installing one or both murals (2) at the Valley View Area in
Cascade Valley Metro Park, (Akron, Ohio). Each mural will be selected separately.

The Project
Summit Metro Parks recently opened the Valley View Area of Cascade Valley Metro
Park in Fall 2021. This property is a connection between Gorge Metro Park, Cascade
Valley Metro Park and Sand Run Metro Park resulting in 1,800 acres of contiguous park
land. The centerpiece of Valley View is the Himelright Lodge which is a restored late
1800s barn. Adjacent to this barn are auxiliary buildings that are used for storage and
two of those buildings have blank facades which the park district desires to muralize.
The project consists of two brick walls to receive murals and the process will include
two phases.

Wall 1 is a white brick end-wall which faces east toward Cuyahoga Street. Photo below. This wall is approximately 225 square feet. Due to the prominent and visible location of this wall, the intent for this mural is to create a recognizable identity and signature presence as a SMP facility by incorporating the Summit Metro Parks logo. The logo does NOT have to be used in its current form, though respect for the Metro Parks brand should be evident. The use of this logo must be implemented into the final design for Wall 1.

Wall 2 is a gray brick wall which faces west and is directly adjacent to the restored barn. Photo below. This wall includes a black garage door which should be incorporated in the mural to make the door “disappear.” This wall is approximately 375 square feet.

For context, the mural wall is directly adjacent to the covered porch. On the porch are doors to the restrooms that are open to the public when the facility is not rented, and also double doors into the lodge.

For artists invited to participate in Phase 2, (discussed below) this mural should draw inspiration from any of the following broad subjects:

Site History (previously a dairy farm)
Summit Metro Parks’ natural restoration of the property (flora, fauna, etc.) Cuyahoga River restoration; improved water quality in the river (wetlands, etc.) Hiking, Fishing, Biking, Paddling, Picnicking
Welcoming of the North Hill Refugee/Immigrant population
Summit Metro Parks mission (on page 1)

Artist Selection Process
Summit Metro Parks has assembled a selection panel of arts-community members, park
staff, community members and local residents to execute the selection process. It is the
park district’s intent to conduct a two-phase selection process.

Selection Phase 1
Qualified mural artists will submit the following:
• Letter of interest no more than 1 page in length explaining your interest in the
project. Please include your name, contact information and whether you are
proposing on Wall 1, Wall 2, or both walls.
• Artist’s Statement, no more than 200 words, describing your work

• Current resume
• Work Samples- 5 photos total of representative samples of murals applicable to
this project (this is NOT 5 photos for each project). Contact information for
each photo shall be included as references for those project. Artists may
propose on either or both walls.

Selection Phase 2
Five artists will be selected by the panel to participate in a second round of juried
review. A $1,000 stipend will be provided to each artist selected for this phase.
Each invited artist will prepare and submit the following:
• Three concept thumbnail design ideas for Wall 1 and/or Wall 2. NOTE: An
artist may submit designs for both walls, but the designs must be clearly marked
to indicate which wall is being designed.
• A signed W-9 form to enable SMP to pay the stipend.
When the successful artist(s) is selected, Summit Metro Parks will negotiate a detailed
scope of work and proposed fees with the artist for installation.

Artist Selection Criteria and Eligibility
The selection panel will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria:
• Professional qualifications, documented capability and experience to complete the
project successfully in the required timeframe.
• Artistic excellence, innovation, originality and/or perspective
• Level of relevance to local community and Summit Metro Parks mission
• Artwork submitted is mural artist’s original, creative work- proposals which contain
imagery that is copyrighted by a different entity, stolen or copied from any other
source will not be considered. Historic images/imagery may be incorporated if public
domain, or with permission for use.
• Success in creating an art piece appropriate for outdoor installation and able to
stand up to severe weather, vandalism, graffiti, etc.
• Extra consideration may be given to artists who live in or near the Greater Akron
• The successful artist(s) will be required to provide evidence of appropriate liability,
property damage, and workers compensation insurance while on the site.
• The selection panel will consider diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion as
factors in the selection process.
• Upon completion, Summit Metro Parks will retain all rights of ownership to the
artwork, including featuring the mural in digital and traditional park promotion and
media. Copyright license will be granted to Summit Metro Parks for publicity,
educational and park promotion purposes.

Cascade Valley Metro Park, Valley View Area – Mural Artist

Anticipated project schedule:
Deadline for submission November 8, 2021
Selection Panel Review- Phase 1 November 9-15, 2021
Artist notification/Phase 2 invitation by November 29, 2021
Artist Phase 2 submission due January 24, 2022
Selection Panel Review- Phase 2 January 24- February 19, 2022
Successful Artist(s) notification by February 26, 2022
Project initiation date March 4, 2022
Mural Installation begins Spring 2022 (negotiate date)
Mural Installation complete Summer 2022 (negotiate date)

Submittal Procedure:
Artists wishing to submit qualifications please email the required materials to Lisa King
at the email below.

November 8, 2021.

Questions may be directed to:
Lisa M. King, RLA, Executive Director
Summit Metro Parks
330-867-5511 or