Nov 29 2015
7th Annual Crafty Mart Workshops: Monotype and Relief Printing

7th Annual Crafty Mart Workshops: Monotype and Relief Printing

Presented by Crafty Mart at Summit Artspace

This workshop will be lead by the great people at Rubby City Prints located on the first floor of Summit Artspace.  This workshop will lead you in creating monotype & Relief printing for Holiday Cards, Gifts and Handmade Wrapping Paper!

A monotype is a unique print, like a painting it’s the original one-and-only.  If you are not a seasoned artist you may bring photographs to trce from or help to give you an idea for imagery.  These may be photos of loved ones, pets, flowers, nature, whatever you wish.  They will make a gerat card or gift for someone you care deeply about over the holidays!  The participant will work on a small card size plexi-glass or rubber or foam matrix and apply ink many different ways including:  painting, rolling, stenciling or offsetting ink onto the plate.  The participant may also use subtractive methods to remove ink.  An etching press is used to transfer the image to damp paper.  The cards will have to be made first since they will need an evening to dry.  If you would wish to have your card framed to give as a gift, we have small frames available for purchase.

The relief process applies ink to the raised areas of a surface while leaving the low areas empty.  Participants will experience ways to create line and texture using the relief process.  This is a great process to use for making your own holiday wrapping paper!  Our lovely press beds will come in handy and will be used in this workshop.  You may bring your own items to ink up if you wish, but they must be flat with texture.    We will provide lace, ribbon, shapes, leaves, stamps, cardboard, ink and paper.

Admission Info

$10.00 for each participant

Phone: 234-738-2547

Dates & Times

2015/11/29 - 2015/11/29

Location Info

Summit Artspace

140 East Market Street, Akron, OH 44308

Parking Info

Free parking behind building.

Accessibility Info

Elevator access.