Aug 28 2021
Sep 25 2021
"Explore the Reef" - Paintings inspired by the Oce...

"Explore the Reef" - Paintings inspired by the Oce...

Presented by Standing Rock Cultural Arts at Standing Rock Cultural Arts

Grace Nestor-Louie Artist Bio

I am a self-taught oil painter that has been painting my whole life. I used to hide under the tables in preschool to draw instead of participating in nap time. At 16, I discovered oil paints in a high school art class and was immediately hooked. I have been using oil paints since. I liked how bold the colors could be and enjoyed the idea of using the same materials as the old masters.

2020 was the start of my art adventure. In 2019 I was at a desk job and wanted desperately to pursue my art. Till that point my art was always on the back burner due to school, work or life demands. My loving husband saw my longing and encouraged me to start pursuing my dream. He wanted me to be happy even though quitting a stable job for a very unstable art pursuit was risky. He believed in me.

I am now blessed to spend my days in my home studio painting with my cat. I sell my paintings off of my personal website, and stream myself painting live on Twitch. My art pursuit has been an adventure and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Artist Statement

I am a fine art oil painter that uses bold, vibrant colors to illustrate the beauty of creation in my nature scenes. I want to give my viewers a glimpse of ecosystems that are not readily seen, but are an integral part of our world. I use many thin, transparent, glaze layers to build depth into the painting while simultaneously using visible strokes to add a touch of whimsy to my art. Painting creation is a way I show my appreciation for the wisdom of the creator and share his majesty with others.

Admission Info

Free Admission

Dates & Times

2021/08/28 - 2021/09/25

Location Info

Standing Rock Cultural Arts

300 N Water St. H, Kent, OH 44240