Nov 10 2021
Place Driving Equity: Investing in Public Space for Shared Prosperity

Place Driving Equity: Investing in Public Space for Shared Prosperity

Presented by Reimagining the Civic Commons at Online/Virtual Space

Place—the unique space where the physical environment meets the social, emotional, and spiritual aspects unique to human life—is one of the most important drivers of equity and prosperity in communities. However, far too many neighborhoods in the United States have faced decades-long disinvestment, increased concentrated poverty and ongoing, systemic racism, challenging the benefits that vibrant communities can bring.

In response, civic infrastructure, such as parks, trails, libraries, community centers and the public realm, is increasingly critical to creating economic opportunity, eliminating racism, and promoting health.

Join Reimagining the Civic Commons for the release of Place Driving Equity: An evidence-based action guide on the role of public space for shared prosperity. Kyle Kutuchief, Knight Foundation’s Program Director in Akron, will present the publication’s findings and be joined by panelists—Dr. Eugenia (Gina) South, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Shamichael Hallman, Senior Library Manager of Cossitt Library in Memphis in a conversation with Lynn M. Ross from Spirit for Change Consulting. The panel will highlight the centrality of place as a crucial tool in overcoming inequity, building trust, and generating community-based opportunity and wealth.

Reimagining the Civic Commons is a national initiative transforming public spaces to foster engagement, equity, environmental sustainability and economic development in cities across the country.

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2021/11/10 - 2021/11/10

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Online/Virtual Space