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Bit Factory

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 526 S Main St, Fl 5th, Akron, OH 44311

To create an ecosystem where experienced, adept, and new entrepreneurs can work together, amplify one another, and create businesses that effect change.

A seed & startup accelerator program focused on Internet technologies.

The Bit Factory is a startup accelerator in Akron, Ohio. We focus on Internet-based companies, specifically Internet technology and gaming.

It is said the hottest fire tempers the hardest steel (turns out this isn’t true, oh well) – this is true, and we believe that Ohio is one of the hottest fires where entrepreneurs are kindled. The Bit Factory exists to help build new entrepreneurs into the kind of founders that handle the hardest Ohio has to throw while maintaining a mindset of Silicon Valley, the mecca of tech startups.

We are an ecosystem of entrepreneurs. This philosophy shines through in our mentoring network; experienced, learned, and new entrepreneurs all striving to build their businesses and effect change together as a team. We are backed by Akron itself; the City of Innovation, and supported by the Akron Global Business Accelerator, in addition to an attentive mentor team and adviser list in many areas of tech.

A fully unique office space built by a fabricator here in Akron, an experienced and diverse network of entrepreneurs and professionals, and a big opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking the push they need.