Cuyahoga Valley Art Center

Cuyahoga Valley Art Center

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 2131 Front Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, a non-profit visual arts organization, advocates for a greater understanding of the visual arts through the promotion of art education, exhibition and community engagement.
Cuyahoga Valley Art Center envisions a sustainable, supported, and supportive environment where artistic excellence, creative spirit, and collaborative community engagement build synergy to enhance the quality of life in Northeast Ohio.
Artistic Excellence – We believe that the full expression of creativity is a key element in the development of successful and productive individuals who make meaningful contributions to the quality of life and sustainability of our community.
Civic Engagement – We believe that we can engage the local community in artistic creation and appreciation through networking and collaboration
Opportunity – We believe that the provision of opportunities for our members, neighbors and patrons to teach, learn, practice, exhibit and market their art is a responsibility that we, as a non-profit art organization, owe to our community.
Become a member of the CVAC family! When you become a member at CVAC it entitles you to reduced rates on classes and workshops, reduced entry fees for our monthly exhibits and a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, “Brushmarks”. Membership levels are available for children, individual adults, families, and senior citizens. CVAC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Membership dues and donations are tax deductible. Consider a higher level of giving for a tax deductible contribution.