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Website: http://rubbercityrumpus.oddmall.info/


 1700 Steese Road, Uniontown, OH 44685

Oddmall is part art fair, part craft show, part comic con, part gaming festival, part cosplay extravaganza, part toy show, part antique show, part vintage fashion show, part geeksplosion, part music fest, part magic show, and part various undefinable othernesses. If it’s fun, artsy, geeky, crafty or odd, chances are it can be found at Oddmall. It’s the Emporium of the Weird.

Oddmall is founded on several core tenets:

1. Oddmall is 100% FREE to the public. Sure, we encourage visitors to toss a few clams ($5 is the suggested amount) in the donation jar so we can keep it that way, but Oddmall is, has been, and always will be FREE as belly button lint (belly button lint is usually free; sorry, I failed Analogy class in college). The donations help us to cover costs and make sure that as many people as possible are able to attend!

2. Oddmall is open to everyone (except people who infringe upon anybody else’s right to be who they are). At Oddmall there’s no judging people for the things they enjoy. If you like to dress up like a giant action figure and have your picture taken with strangers GO FOR IT! If you dig making life-sized models of your pet cat out of old socks, do your THANG! Are you a collector of unusual art? Is your other car a TARDIS? Do you know Bruce Wayne’s middle name? Do people call you weird, strange, bizarre, nerdy, geeky, artsy-fartsy, or Gertrude? If so, Oddmall is the place for you. ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

The Oddmall Art Fair
Oddmall is more than just an ordinary craft show. It’s a celebration of uniqueness, creativity, imagination, and wonder where artists, crafters, and like-minded sorts gather to offer their unusual creations for public consumption. It’s a forum for creative expression, a classroom for esoteric wisdom, a soapbox for wild ideas, a miraculous marketplace of the unconventional, a metaphorical Serengetian watering hole where the zebras and wildebeests of inspiration and artistry congregate amidst the snapping crocodiles and scorching sunbeams of originality and ingenuity. …umm yeah. Anyway, it’ll be fun. Trust me.

The Oddmall Comic, Game, & Toy Exposition (The Geek Expo)
It’s an overflowing cornucopia of raw, burning geekiness! This amazing combobulation of toys, games, comics, books, and all things fun and geeky is a HUGE part of Oddmall. There will be special guests, superheroes, a costume contest, dozens of vendors, and all sorts of other snazzy jazz. Unlike the Oddmall Art Fair, the Geek Expo is not juried, so anything fun, geeky, or unusual is invited to participate (including art and crafts).