Nathaniel Montgomery Improv & Coaching

Nathaniel Montgomery Improv & Coaching

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I am an improv life coach. I have a background in acting, directing, improv, art and writing.

I’ve been an artist since I was five years old. I help people realize their full creative potential. Coaching from the inside out, I use spiritual principles and the principles I learned from acting and improv.

I believe that we are the writers, directors, and actors of our own life-plays.

I empower people – from stand-up comedians to business owners – to unleash their inner Shakespeare and make their lives a masterpiece.


Stella Reid aka Nanny Stella from Nanny 911:

“Nathaniel Montgomery is my coach, encompassing all things Stella, whether that’s business or my personal life.
He may be younger in age than other coaches I have worked with but certainly not younger in wisdom.
He is funny which is a must for me, highly perceptive, he has extremely intuitive insights and pushes and invites me to create what I desire.
He is very practical, does not talk jargon, again imperative to me, but most of all his style and approach is SIMPLE and profound.
This testimonial does not do him justice, you need to connect with him and experience him to know what I am referring to.”