Himalayan Arts Language & Cultural Academy

Himalayan Arts Language & Cultural Academy

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 739 North Main Street, Akron, OH 44310

My name is Puspa Gajmer and I was born in Bhutan, known as the happiest country of the world, even though it forced more than 100,000 of its people to leave their birthplace because of ethnic issues and prejudice in the 1990s. I lived more than 22 years in Refugee camps with gathering thoughts, but gaining nothing other than stress and anxiety in the exile life. I have been in the US since 2011. I am happy to live in Akron, a beautiful city of international communities. Life was just a dream while living in refugee camps for more than two decades; but, here in the land of dreams where we can do progressive things to community, society, and much more. With all this in mind, I had a mind to establish the Himalayan Music Academy in 2016 where anyone can learn and pursue lots of things. We have been offering such studies as eastern and western music courses, Nepali dances, Yoga/Reiki, and Nepali Language, to members of the Bhutanese community as well as people from the local community. Classes are offered on weekends and Wednesday from 9 am to till 5:30 pm. The Academy does not run under the pressure of casteism, political biases, racial discrimination, or adherence to any particular religions. It aims to have equal opportunities for each and everyone.

Renamed the Himalayan Arts Language & Cultural Academy, we host professional and experienced instructors, whose aim is to give the best lessons and make students achieve at their best level according to their individual talents. Some students travel to study from as far away as Columbus, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania.

Like many new organizations, the Himalayan Arts Language & Cultural Academy has many needs so that it can reach its ultimate goal to promote and preserve traditional arts and music. In order to fulfill its aspirations, the academy always seeks and accepts donations from any organization, agency, person, or group so that the collected amount can be used for buying instruments, dance dresses for kids, and paying for the Academy’s rent and utility bills.

This academy promises to continue its aim and objective to fulfil the needs of our community. Himalayan Arts Language & Cultural Academy always moves ahead with the intention of promoting, preserving and sharing Nepali culture, arts and music now and in days to come.

Pusps Gajmer