Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee

Food/Drink - Kids/Family - Literature/Poetry - Nonprofit - Special Events - Storytelling - Traditional Arts


 (330) 815-1285

 647 East Market Street, Akron, OH 44304

A coffee shop located in The Well Community Development Cooperation.

Committed to serving Akron the best coffee, and providing a communal gathering space for all people to enjoy.

We seek to Connect with each customer, Serve our city with our product, space and community engagement, and Direct people to life and purpose.


At Compass, we see Coffee as the great connector between humans.  It allows us to sit with old and new friends alike, and provides a link between people that might not otherwise be shared.   A main component of our mission is using our drinks to connect with the city of Akron one cup at a time.

We exist to serve the Akronite, by providing ways for you to connect with others, but also with our space.  We want to be your coffee shop.  Your hideaway.  Your meeting spot.  We want Compass Coffee to be whatever you want it to be, as long as you know it belongs to you.

Through coffee, and our space, we exist to give hope and direction.  The person is more valuable to us than our coffee, because without you, we’re not here.  We hope to give direction through employment, and connecting those in need with opportunities to succeed in life.


We function as a multi roaster. Meaning, we get our beans from somewhere new every 6-8 weeks. This gives our customers an opportunity to experience some of the best coffee beans from around the United States, and possibly the world. We’re proud to be working with the best roasters in the country to bring great coffee, right here to Akron.