LeLe Fox Designs

LeLe Fox Designs

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Crochet & Clay: Fiber-Hooked & Ceramic Designs 

A Family Affair: Doing what we do, and this time for you!

My name is Marissa Lindsey. 30 years ago, my sister, Devan, and I sat in for a crochet lesson from our Grandma Lee. Thought I didn’t know it at the time, that day changed my life. I was instantly HOOKED. Anyone who knows me, knows that crocheting is just part of who I am. My sister found that needle arts were not her thing, but her eye for fashion, photography and talents with clay took her down other creative paths. After many years of doing our own thing, we realized that together, we made good sense, and good stuff! And so it was here, LeLe Fox was born. 

We specialize in crocheted accessories that tend towards the bohemian-hippie chic style of accessories and decorative pieces. As we are constantly evolving, we hope to continue to venture into even more awesome works. Everything we make, aspires to be of the best quality and individuality as possible. A wide range of yarns are incorporated in our work, including some that we make from unconventional sources, like vintage sweaters, plastic bags and salvaged fabrics. That’s all thanks to the help of Martha Cricks, my aunt, my right hand & my fiber scout, who seeks out and manipulates hidden gems into some of our yarn and base fibers. 

We hope you find something that inspires you!

Unique items, custom work and classes.

Patterns and finished items for sale, at www.etsy.com/shop/lelefox.