Omo Iroko Drum and Dance Society

Omo Iroko Drum and Dance Society

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…”Iroko” is the name of a tall, strong, towering tree with deep soil roots possessing one of the strongest types of wood found. In the village where it grows, it is believed to be a sacred tree that houses the spirits of the ancestors. Oftentimes, the villagers would place gifts and offerings at the foot of the tree for atonement.

We adapted the name “Iroko” as a metaphor to describe what it is we have received…a legacy of an oral cultural, artistic expression that would be lost in this age of information and technology had not someone (Baba David) passed the knowledge to us encouraging the Amazon ebook entitled:

My Omo Iroko Drum and Dance Society WORKBOOK I: Workbook I (OIDDS I 1

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The larger “Iroko Drum and Dance Society” was the original umbrella and foundational root. Today, we too adapt the name and the mission to preserve and “pass down” the tradition to others as an expression of the ancestral wisdom in a universal art, multidisciplinary, educational and interactive art in the form of drum and dance interpretations of traditional arts around the world.
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