Me Time and The Raging Crush

Me Time and The Raging Crush

Band - Music


 338 Union Place, Akron, OH 44304

Me Time and The Raging Crush are Akron’s psychedelic six piece sun soaked cult. Influenced by 60’s psych, 70’s punk and a never ending dazy chain of guitar effects–Me Time and The Raging Crush bring the sounds of outer space to your home speakers. Members Eric Blankenhorn, Jeff Soper, Fred Johnson, Kevin Braun, Chrissy Spangler and Matt Hazlett aim to take you on a trip that you won’t come back from.

​Formed in 2015 and immediately signed to Akron based record label Fone Records, the group has released two full length records to date. The latest release from Me Time and The Raging Crush is 2018’s LP featuring 13 tracks of the group’s latest creation and is available in vinyl and CD formats from Fone Records. The debut album from Me Time was released in 2015 and followed by two years of live performances. Live shows from Me Time and The Raging Crush include not only a live sonic assault of the group’s tracks, but also psychedelic imagery, lighting and projections provided to elevate the performance.

The multimedia experience is a key force to Me Time’s artistic expression. The band has released over 12 music videos to coincide with their audio releases. The band’s ghost 7th member would be producer George Blankenhorn, who has worked with the group to create many of the band’s music videos and live projections.

​Me Time and The Raging Crush will continue to write, perform, record and create into the coming year. Paymataymay, JOIN US!