Fine Art Findings

Fine Art Findings

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 Peninsula, OH 44264

Fine Art Findings – In between custom framing orders, I make stuff out of the extra moulding. Upcycled elaborate boxes and mirrors made from recycled picture frames and vintage finds, reconstructed jewelry, clothing embellished with leftover lace, cards, gifts, and whatever else I find.

Using exclusively vintage and found objects, I create new things from old. Most are functional, such as my rather elaborate boxes, mirrors and photo frames, made from leftover picture frame moulding. Upcycled jewelry: including earrings, zipper pulls, key rings and pendants made from broken jewelry, keys and whatever else I find. And Leftover Lace – my “gifts you feel good about”, hand made cards, gifts and clothing embellished with leftover lace. I sell at area art festivals and vintage markets, have a strong online presence, and promote the concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.