Standing Rock Cultural Arts

Standing Rock Cultural Arts

Educational - Gallery/Museum - Music - Nonprofit - Storytelling - Theatre


 300 N Water St. H, Kent, OH 44240

To Build Community Through The Arts and arts access for all.

To nourish the spirit of creativity by providing art and educational activities that allow children and the general public to explore the arts.

To provide opportunities to artists to bring their work to the community through exhibitions, poetry readings, workshops, performances, festivals, public art projects and special events.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts was founded by Gary Lockwood and Jeff Ingram after the two spent many hours in Jeff’s dining room talking about what is important to them with Standing Rock Cultural Arts of the two’s vision for a stronger and more unified community in which they live. Their vision is providing our community with well rounded cultural arts programming to supplement our City Schools and Kent State University.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts offers workshops, Youth Theater, Adult Theater, Multimedia Performance Art, Spoken Word Programs, a community art gallery, fund raising benefits, and consulting. The vision includes a Cultural Arts Center in downtown Kent, Ohio to give area Artists a place to show their art, teach, perform, produce, and direct in their own community.

How many talented people do we lose because we have no place for them to follow their dreams? Standing Rock Cultural Arts strives to educate them in our City Schools and at Kent State University then we lose them to other cities that do have Cultural Arts as part of their community.

In the year 2000 there was a program called Destination 2006 in which there were four town meetings to find out what was important to our community and at the top of the list at each was a Cultural Art Center in downtown Kent. This CAN HAPPEN if the community wants it to happen. We the people have the power to make it happen. We elect those who govern our town and if they don’t do what the people want then we can replace them. Let your voice be heard. Call your local representative and ask what they are doing to support the arts in your community. Email the Governor and your Senators, Congress men and women and ask them what they are doing to support the Arts in your community. Standing Rock Cultural Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE so please give freely to support this type of programming. Let’s make this vision a reality in our community.