Just Be Studio

Just Be Studio

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Website: http://justbemeditation.com/

 (234) 284.8113

 1742 Georgetown Rd, Suite D, Hudson, OH 44236

A Meditation, Mindfulness & Modern Wellness Company that helps individuals, families, businesses and kids lead happier, healthier and more connected lives.

Just Be was passionately created by Eden Kozlowski to foster awareness and unshakeable well-being within her community of Ohio and beyond. She is a speaker, writer for The Huffington Post and also facilitates a variety of classes at different depths with all ages/backgrounds in stress-reduction, easing depression/anxiety/addiction, making permanent changes in your life, corporate/educational mindfulness and meditation. Just Be also offers Reiki Certifications/classes/sessions with Penny Pickrell, RMT/Reiki Div Manager as well as Bowen session and Limbic Stress Analysis with Allison Williams, ACBT, HHP.

Just Be also offers, Belong ~ A Spiritual Gathering of Awesomeness and Reiki Share, which is held monthly at our studio in Hudson.

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Just Be Studio

1742 Georgetown Rd, Suite D

Hudson, OH 44236