Weathervane Playhouse

Weathervane Playhouse




 1301 Weathervane Ln, Akron, OH 44313

Over 70-plus years, Weathervane has constructed, torn down, recycled, painted and refitted stage settings for more than 500 productions (when Stage II and Youth Theater productions are included). We’ve stitched up hundreds of costumes, created lighting magic by the multi-watt, crafted reality out of scores of stage properties and, most of all, shared the gifts of talent displayed by well over 1,000 amateur performers, taking their performance curtain calls to the applause of probably more than 100,000 theater-goers over the years. This kind of effort is the result of volunteer dedication based on the founders’ original philosophy that “all who can contribute are welcome.”

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Weathervane Playhouse

1301 Weathervane Ln

Akron, OH 44313