Traditional Arts Apprenticeship

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Traditional Arts Apprenticeship



Tradition is the bridge from the past to the present. The practices, customs, stories and skills that are passed down from one generation to the next influence the ways we live, what we value and our personal and collective identity. Master artists are recognized within their communities as exemplary practitioners of traditional art forms and an important repository for the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors. The Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program provides awards that allow dedicated apprentices to follow a time-honored method to acquire an understanding of and proficiency in valued art forms. Apprentices should have prior experience in the art form as well as demonstrate significant promise and long-term commitment to practicing the art. The apprenticeship work plan should allow for in-depth learning that encompasses the context of the culture and the development of a mentoring relationship as well as the acquisition of techniques and artistry. Through prolonged and deep interaction over time, the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program honors Ohio’s finest folk and traditional arts practitioners, supports the recognition and continuation of these traditions and enriches the lives of people throughout the state.


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